Ming-Chi Kuo, who’s startlingly accurate predictions, including specific information about the iPhone 6 prior to launch, have him regarded as the best Apple analyst on the planet has said the MacBook Pro is set to get its first major overhaul since 2012.

Kuo states there will be 13 and 15 inch MacBooks Pros, which will be thinner, lighter and have an OLED display above the keyboard in place of physical function keys. In addition to new fingerprint identification technology and SkyLake processors, the new range will come with 400 series Polaris  graphics chips. Analysts are already abuzz with connectivity rumours, especially off the back of unsubstantiated claims that the iPhone 7 will have a more wireless focus. It’s likely however, that the new range of MacBooks will maintain standard connectivity with potential additions, rather than revolutionary changes, to encourage an orderly transition by users who have remained loyal to MacBooks for years.

This is a vital launch for Apple, and will mean a restructure to it’s MacBook line. The Pro will be top of the line, and likely to be a hugely appealing alternative to current offerings. The MacBook, which had a recent overhaul with its new 6th generation IntelCore M processors and vastly enhanced graphics, will occupy the mid-range, and the MacBook Air will be the new entry-level offering. The Air, once lauded for its lightweight and slim design will now require a substantial price decrease, as its lack of connectivity, criticised by users at launch, becomes the elephant in the Macbook room. The rest of the range has varied ports and with new moulding technology being used by Apple, they will also be slim and incredibly light. The Air may even be retired as an attempt at pure cloud computing that, well visionary, happened long before the market was ready.

Kuo has also predicted a 2017 launch for the iPhone 7. If accurate, this will be devastating to Apple fans after popular, if not optimistic theories that the new phone would be launched in Q4 2016. It makes sense however, that Apple would delay and allow public focus to linger on the MacBook, especially if rumours are true of increased wireless connectivity between the iPhone 7 and the new range of Pros. Combine that with Google’s first foray into mobile telephony being launched to the public in 2017, it’s likely that Apple doesn’t want the 7 to be considered ‘old news’ by then.

Regardless of time frames, the end of 2016 and beginning of 2017 should be an exciting, if expensive time for Apple enthusiasts.