Companies are combining Digital marketing and employee attraction with spectacular results. Tech organisations, saw the opportunity a long time ago – using online marketing initiatives to drive recruitment campaigns. The theory of course, is that if products and services can be sold through achieving substantial reach using online tools and platforms, then the same engagement should be achievable with potential employees. In essence, successful businesses have turned digital advertising into new version of headhunting.
Likewise, recruitment businesses have been quick to adopt new technology albeit mostly in the same direction. LinkedIn has become a portal for recruiters looking to engage with potential candidates and clients. In fact, a quick browse of LinkedIn’s demographics shows a heavy recruiter base, which is also a massive downside for those recruiters looking to carve out a niche.
Other, less overt platforms offer internal and external recruitment teams the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone – attract niche talent and enhance the employer brand. Using demographic targeting tools, businesses can select from targeted personas, and create tailor-made ads rather than being forced to over generalise as is often the case in job boards. In addition, the added value of engaging with passive job seekers, rather than relying on those who are proactive in their approach, combined with standard headhunting tactics can create a powerful and easily duplicatable tool, well worthwhile for key executive positions.
While it will be a long time until most businesses move away from traditional recruitment practice, its a great opportunity for innovative recruitment teams and employers to adopt a more proactive, and effective strategy. Considering the metrics around recruitment, including that a vast majority of placements occur through existing networks, it can only serve as beneficial to expand those core networks and create a sophisticated tracking system in line with a powerful advertising tool. This will enable businesses to generate, track and manage a meaningful sub-ecosystem of talent, decreasing their exposure to talent short markets and building a powerful reputation as a business of innovation and proactivity.