The PowerEgg, is a Chinese designed and manufactured drone. Just as the name suggests, when you open your PowerEgg, it is clean and white – as if a chicken just laid it. From the egg, emerges legs, and four arms, each with a propeller on the end. Interestingly, it also comes with a display stand – showing that the creators consider it to be just as beautiful as their marketing leads us to believe.
It is undeniably pretty, but looks are not the reason drone fanatics will choose to purchase a PowerEgg. It has a laundry list of features, including a clever three axis gimbal that enables 360° panoramic images and real-time HD video – obviously designed with social media, such as Periscope And Facebook Live, in mind. Cleverly, it also has sensors calibrated for operating the drone indoors – where it may not be able to access GPS data. It also includes a 4K camera and allows users to program the drone to shoot in “Selfie Mode,” a function where the drone’s camera is trained on the face of the subject – enabling dramatic running shots down the beach, or extreme sports shots over water.
The key differentiator, sold aggressively by creators PowerVision, is the remote control. Named the Maestro, it looks like a Nintendo Wii controller and operates off a similar principle. Using gestures, users will be able to control the direction of flight – if you wanted to go down, push the controller down if you want to go left, move your hand to the left and so forth.
This does create an interesting combination of portability, power and technology. Governments are still scrambling to keep up with more drones in the air than ever before, but the advancements in technology are surpassing the legislation before it even becomes such. The PowerEgg is far from being the most advanced drone in the world, but it is certainly easily accessible, with pre-orders on PowerVision’s site at around $1300 USD. Equally as interesting, is the marketing – promoted as a “drone for the whole family,” it raises questions as to why a child would need a high-definition camera capable of sneaking over the neighbour’s fence.
But, regardless of the ramifications we are all living in the drone age and must learn to adapt. Although, if you see an egg shaped ornament on a neighbour’s coffee table – keep an eye on your fence.