Tesla, today introduced a number of new upgrades, but only one of newsworthiness. The Model S P100D, a four-door family sedan that has the capability of seating five adults and two children, has increased its power. Moving from a 90kW battery pack to a 100kW pack evidently, makes a substantial difference in the world of electric cars. This sensible family vehicle, is now the third fastest accelerating production car of all time – with an insane 0 to 100 km time of 2.5 seconds.
Of course, this is in the well publicised “ludicrous mode,” designed to force everyone on the road to rethink the laws of nature.
The two vehicles faster than the Model S, are the Porsche 918 Spyder and the Ferrari LaFerrari. While these two vehicles may seem to be important only in impressing Tesla drivers by showing that they are in the same class as Ferrari and Porsche, there are some other statistics that will make European carmakers cringe.
Firstly, the obvious – the two hypercars (the step above supercars) are designed for speed and little else. Both limited-edition, and both with two bucket seats – they are far from practical vehicles to pick the kids up from school in. The Tesla would blend in easily with the Fords, Mazdas and Mitsubishis.
Perhaps, more importantly, is the price. The Tesla isn’t cheap at $134,000 USD – but compared to its fast accelerating compatriots, this is pocket change. The Porsche costs $845,000 for the entry-level model and closer to 1 million if you want the works. The Ferrari takes insane spending to a whole new level, coming in at $1.416 million, and that’s if you can find one – and in the Ferrari’s case if you meet the company’s standards for purchasing one.
Of course, all this is very interesting but Tesla has also undergone some more important, but less exciting improvements – critically increased range, to go with the additional power. They also stressed that the acceleration is designed to assist in overtaking and that it is a safety feature rather than one for race track aspirationals. However, as many have said before, calling up our feature “ludicrous mode,” leads to contrary assumptions.
Tesla has also pointed out to would be P100D owners that purchasers are contributing to a cause when buying a Tesla. They explain that while their topline cars are expensive, they enable reinvestment in the Model 3 – the Tesla for the people, presumably without ludicrous mode. As with everything Tesla does, it’s hard to judge – simply because no one has done it before, and Elon Musk and Co, will no doubt continue to confound us with feats of technological brilliance, and the most refreshing business model the world has seen in a long time.