As the Apple event, including the release of the new iPhone 7 caused very few ripples in the technology world, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 nightmare continues to worsen.
With over 2.5 million phones already recalled, it seems that both Samsung and federal authorities are concerned that an explosion could cause serious injury, or possibly even worse. Around the world,
airlines are banning the use of smartphone on their flights, and in Australia, Qantas and Virgin name the device both before flights, during the safety briefing and cabin crew are advised to take immediate action if they see a Note 7.
The FAA – the Federal Aviation Administration in the US has also warned passengers about packing the Galaxy Note 7 in their carry-on luggage.
Likewise, Samsung’s requests for customers to return the phone for a replacement have become more urgent, with tweets and updates imploring immediate action, and warning of risks to safety. In fact, the request is for users to power down their device immediately for their own safety.
It’s unlikely that Samsung is simply being overcautious, especially after footage was released on Fox News of a Jeep in flames, apparently as a result of a Galaxy explosion.
Samsung, in their official statement, has informed consumers they will replace or refund any eligible Galaxy Note 7, and offer a courtesy device in the interim.
However, any concerns over Apple stealing disproportionate market share as a result of an exciting new release were quickly extinguished last week at what is generally acknowledged as an average upgrade to the iPhone 6. Tim Cook is apparently happy to keep his powder dry until the ten year anniversary of the first iPhone next year.
Samsung, will be breathing a sigh of relief.