If you are looking for a shot of the new MacBook Pro but don’t want to wait a few more hours, then feast your eyes on the images sourced by MacRumours.
Interestingly, these weren’t stolen or leaked – Apple had simply hidden them (not very well) in the new MacOS Sierra 12.1 update. They are taken from the top down, so rumours about ports and the removal of SD slots, thus enraging photographers, will have to wait until tomorrow to be put to bed.
This is, however, our first genuine look at the new so-called ‘Magic Bar,’ which replaces the function keys, and is supposedly intuitive to various software – essentially enabling you to flick through your Spotify playlist without being forced to move back and forth between windows. The image also shows ApplePay being used on the bar, most likely using the same fingerprint technology you currently use to open your iPhone.
The other worst kept secret are the speakers on top of the keyboard – showing that the Pro is likely to be substantially thinner than it’s predecessor.
For the rest, sadly we will have to wait another 27 hours or so, however, the wait for purchase will likely not be long, with rumours of stock already being in store throughout Australia.