Just in case you were worried that AR was going to offer practical solutions to challenging problems, never fear because the good people at Reach Robotics have created a spider, which can be controlled from your phone, and fight other spiders on your bathroom floor, using augmented reality.

The Mekamon, looks like a nifty radio-controlled spider, but when combined with a smart device, it transforms into a killing machine. Look through the screen of your phone and watch it fire missiles and machine guns at your friend’s spider. Even more bizarrely – being AR – the floor appears the same, so you can have epic battles over piles of washing and your little brother.

For those who need more than just raw carnage in the kitchen sink, there’s also a legend; a story about the Mekamons and why they’re fighting. Something about humanity being doomed and you needing to save it. Also there are some very angry looking avatars who are likely relying on you to fend of savage hordes.

You can train, upskill and (of course) purchase additional upgrades. These attach to the spider and offer more firepower, better defensive capabilities and ‘utilities,’ which I’m sure make a big difference.

Parents are likely sweating, especially as this has the potential to be the toy of the season and costs over $300USD. However, in a somewhat shortsighted marketing tactic, the Mekamon will only be available for in limited quantities in January and won’t go on general sale until June or July of 2017. You can preorder now if you feel like sending your money away for no reason, but I’m sure there’s someone at Reach Robotics in big trouble for not capitalising on the Christmas rush – there will no doubt be more than enough similar competitors by this time next year.

Want to see it in action?