Samsung has released findings, following its investigation into the reasons for the multiple explosions of the Galaxy Note 7, a nightmare which continues to haunt the South Korean business. To say no details were spared would be a massive understatement as the investigation followed the journey from conception to manufacturing, pointing out shortfalls along the way and sparing no one – including the business itself.

Manufacturing process and a lack of open communication between manufacturing divisions have been noted as a few of the primary reasons for the device being apportioned a battery too large for the available cavity. The culture within Samsung was pointed out as a primary factor, as the company continued the industry journey towards large and functional devices, that are also incredibly thin. All of this resulted in a fault during the initial battery welding process, which culminated in overheating and, sometimes, explosions.

The report – which again, was commissioned by Samsung itself – pointed out that had better systems been in place, the issues could have been avoided. More safety testing and increased checks and balances between suppliers and internal risk and compliance practitioners are only a few of the improvements Samsung is putting in place to ensure there is never a repeat of the Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung has also announced that it will not be releasing its hotly awaited Galaxy S8 at the Barcelona Mobile World Congress. This will be a devastating blow to Samsung fans, who await the tech giant’s contribution to the largest and most important mobile event of the year.

No doubt Apple executives will be delighted with the outcome and will relish the opportunity to have the stage themselves. There is no word yet as to whether Apple will take the opportunity to fast track any medium-term launches, but it’s unlikely that the organisation will deviate from its traditionally rigid launch calendar.

Going dark for a short period of time, is a smart move on the part of Samsung who now have the chance to reset, and allow innovations and transformative technology from the S8 to re-engage consumers, which they can now launch – no doubt with an increased marketing budget – without having to compete for headlines, or deal with the intensive journalistic interest that comes with the yearly mobile event. No doubt Samsung representatives will be glad to not have to answer any more questions about the Note 7, at least for the time-being, and when those questions are finally asked hopefully, the new S8 will have all the answers.