Microsoft has made a Surface laptop. The screen doesn’t come off, and there are no other tricks – this is just a laptop, and it could easily be argued that it looks better than a MacBook.

It comes in different colours, is super light and has a thin aluminium case which looks fantastic. Most impressive is the fabric used to cover the keyboard area. Called Alcantara, it’s durable, stain resistant, and adds an element of uniqueness and luxury to the laptop.
The laptop is designed to be a showcase for the new Windows 10 S3, and has been specced with that in mind. It comes with a 7th Gen Intel Core I5 or I7 processor, depending on the model, and 128 GB SSD of storage in the entry-level version, working its way up to 512 GB.
The audio setup is unique, with speakers being mounted under the keyboard itself. This has enabled Microsoft to make the laptop even thinner, and give the impression that there are no hinges. They have also built the cellular aerial and Wi-Fi into the side of the device, which you can see if you look closely. It ruins the aesthetic a little bit, but not enough to merit judging it too harshly.
Microsoft is claiming that the new Surface laptop will have a battery life of around 14.5 hours. This would be impressive if it were true, but as there has been no testing in the real-world as yet, we will have to wait and see.
The Microsoft Surface laptop is an impressive device, which looks amazing. Apple, having released it’s upgraded MacBook Pro last year, must be wondering where its place as the design leader in technology has disappeared to. The MacBook offered no aesthetic upgrades at all, with technology being placed at the forefront through the new touch bar which took the place of the function keys. This was Microsoft’s place only a few years ago, condescendingly telling users that what something looks like is far less important than what it actually did. Now, the tables have been turned and with Apple rumoured to be prioritising technology development over aesthetic improvement from an R&D standpoint, there is a chance the tables will not be turned back.
This surely must raise even more questions as to the leadership of the highly capable, yet very non-design focused Tim Cook, who has taken the global juggernaut from being the genesis of all design, to a copycat of itself.
Meanwhile, Microsoft is capitalising fearlessly on the action, or lack thereof from Apple, and if the Surface laptop is anything to go by, will be the new champion of design, technology and functionality.