The new Apple iPhone is tipped to be a game changer and a return to form for the business once touted as the source of mobile innovation. However, rumours and leaked images are less than exciting and while most of this is pure conjecture, it would be nice to see a rumour coming out of Palo Alto that was something genuinely new and innovative. There is what we think we know so far about the latest iPhone.

It’s made of glass

Sounds great, and the images look amazing but iPhone durability has been an issue for years and it’s unlikely to excite even the most loyal of users that the new iPhone will be made of something so potentially breakable. Of course, Apple could come out with a new tempered solution, but perhaps they would do better to create something more obviously tough than trying to win the beauty stakes yet again.

It’s going to be clever

rumour has it that the new iPhone will be a merging of AI technology, including giving users the ability to see where they’re going on the screen of their phone. Rather than having to follow a map in the traditional sense, you will be able to hold your phone up and follow a blue line that will lead you to your destination. No more turning the phone around to make sure you’re going the right way, or taking a few steps and following the dots.

It might use your face

Facial recognition technology has long been touted as the next step in security recognition. The new iPhone will apparently have a built in facial recognition feature which will mean you just have to look at your phone in order to unlock it. Just in case your thumb was too lazy to reach the button. Of course it should also be noted that the new display will likely be an edge-to-edge one, meaning that the familiar homepage button will be gone.

It will be expensive

all this fancy stuff is going to cost a fortune. Rumours have the new iPhone at between $1600-$1800AUD, which will mean that you’ll have to fork out about the same amount of money as you normally would to buy a laptop. Obviously the phone will still sell well, but this is not a phone for the people – instead, Apple seems to be trying to claim the luxury phone mantle – making the iPhone a badge of honour.

Hopefully, there will be more leaks soon, but while we wait for September, Apple loyalists will be crossing their fingers for more advanced technology and revolutionary changes.