If you’ve ever purchased a pair of glasses online, then you’ve likely used an augmented reality fitting application that enables you to see what the glasses will look like on your face. You will also likely have experienced the frustration involved with receiving said glasses, only to find they look very different to what the AR model would have you believe. The likes of Warby Parker have overcome this challenge by offering courier based test at home options. You choose a number of glasses and the courier waits while you try them on and then you can make a qualified decision.
Topology eyewear is aiming to make augmented reality more practical for the average user by introducing more advanced and personalised technology. Where the standard augmented reality fitting simply takes a picture of your face and superimposes the shape of the glasses over that picture, Topology will use video to create a 3D rendering of your face. This means that detailed features that are not accessible when placing a picture on a picture will become more obvious. If you have a nose that isn’t symmetrical, the scan will take this into account and the glasses will not fit correctly. Other smaller features such as eyebrows, colour tones and face shape will also become more pronounced, enabling users to make a more educated decision as to the type of glasses they are going to purchase.
However, this technology will come at a significant price. Topology glasses start at $495. Compared to the likes of Warby Parker whose frames average out at $99, the convenience of accurate AR imagery is an expensive option. Of course, the likelihood is that this is just a demonstration of the technology by Topology, who in all likelihood wishes to be acquired by a market leader – such as Warby Parker – who is hoping to make their online offering more convenient and cost-effective.