The next generation Apple Watch is more than a connection between your devices and your wrist, it stands alone as a mobile device. Complete with GPS capability and all the standard features you’d expect from an Apple Watch, the series 3 should be a complete offering, covering the traditional watch, fitness accessory and mobile product.
But it isn’t.
The new watch is essentially an upgraded series 2 fitness products with a theoretical but non-workable mobile product built into it. For example, although Apple claims the watch can free you from your iPhone, it still requires your phone to be on in order to receive text messages. Furthermore, the battery life is decimated by the use of the cellular feature, rendering it almost useless as a genuine mobile device.
This is a shame because the new Apple Watch, if it were considered just an upgrade – a series 2.5 if you like – is a spectacular product. When connected directly to a phone the battery life is exponentially improved and a myriad of new fitness features make it, in all likelihood, the most complete fitness watch on the market. Thanks to a myriad of interactivity upgrades, features like Siri now feel like they have been designed with the watch in mind for the first time, and the overall performance has been described as, “almost perfect.”
Unfortunately, Apple has decided to focus its promotion on the one feature that feels like it is still in beta testing, the option to use the watch as a phone.
Is the Series III worth buying? Yes, but not for the reasons Apple would like you to believe. You are a fitness-focused user, then this is one of the best technology investments you will make this year, but if you are looking for an alternative to your phone, the Apple Watch is not there yet.