Remember flip phones; those cool little devices that you could use to aggressively and decisively end a phone call or answer one with a coolness that only comes from not having to press a button? Well, judging by all the activity and potentially premature back-patting that is going on over at Samsung, we may be returning to a version of those heady days. Except that you won’t be flipping a small phone open and closed, nor will you have a clunky plastic keyboard – you’ll be folding the screen in half.
Samsung has been touting foldable technology for a number of years, even accidentally/not accidentally leaking a couple of images that supposedly showed the advanced technology in action.
Except it didn’t.
But now things are heating up because Samsung has a genuine version of the foldable technology. Well, the screen isn’t so much foldable as it is rollable. Samsung has come up with a way to create a screen that can be rolled up into what looks like a high-tech cigarette.
Baby steps.
Samsung claims that this is the genesis of the technology that will allow it to create genuine foldable technology, allowing users to fold large screens into their pockets, as well as presumably being able to stick them to a wall as a portable screen.
Meanwhile, over at Huawei, CEO Richard Yu has decided not to allow a lack of physical evidence to stop them from claiming that the business already has a working model of a foldable phone. He made the bold claim at an event in China, but when pressed by reporters it became apparent that Huawei’s understanding of what foldable means is entirely different to… everyone else on earth.
“We have two screens,” said Yu. “But we still have a small gap; that’s not good and we should get rid of the gap.”
Yes, because having two screens with a gap means that it is not a foldable screen, but two screens that are hinged at the centre.
Both businesses are rumoured to be putting together technology that could see a 2018 release, so hopefully, the days of not being able to slam your phone closed will soon be over.