Jeff Bezos has joined an elite club. The Amazon founder and CEO is now worth $100 billion. This may seem like a farcical figure used by James Bond villains to threaten governments before being thwarted, but for Bezos, evidently, being the richest man in the world is not enough.

The reason for this surge and wealth is Amazon’s continued success in 2017, including extraordinary results from the Black Friday sale. Estimates are yet to be quantified with accuracy, however, it appears that Amazon will account for around 47% of all Black Friday revenues. That means that of all Internet transactions on Black Friday, almost half can be attributed to Amazon.

That’s ridiculous.

Almost as ridiculous is Bezos’ income for the 2017 year so far. In the year from January, he has earned $32.6 billion dollars.

Remember the clever Internet site from the early 2000’s that worked out Bill Gates’ hourly rate and determined that if he saw $100 note on the ground and picked it up, he would be losing money? For Bezos this year, he would be losing money if he paused to look at the note for 0.25 of a second.

Amazon for its part, shows no signs of slowing down with the Australian store about to open, and expansion plans into various industries in their late stages. Bezos isn’t pausing either, with plans for expansive short-term philanthropic efforts, and $1 billion a year being invested in space exploration.

It seems there is no limit to what Amazon, and Bezos can achieve.