Elon Musk owns the Boring Company, a business that aims to make tunnelling faster and more cost-effective. When the company was first announced, many people thought it was a joke.
It wasn’t.
The Boring Company then sold Boring hats. Plain black hats with the company logo on them. Everyone thought it was a joke.
It wasn’t. Musk raised a million dollars by selling 50,000 hats at US$20.
Now, the Boring Company has another promotion. They are selling flamethrowers. Real, ready to use and completely legitimate flamethrowers. They cost US$500, and have the company name branded on the side.
It’s not a joke. And although they are only available for presale, within 24-hour sales had already reached $2 million. That’s $2 million for a $500 flamethrower, that won’t be sent out until…well, we don’t really know.
This begs the question; is there anything that Elon Musk cannot sell? Also, who the heck is forking out $500 for a flamethrower?
Musk is no idiot and will have realised that whatever product he puts out there will be scooped up by his legions of acolytes and fans. In fact, just to demonstrate that fact, down the bottom of the sale page for the flamethrower is an option to purchase a fire extinguisher – here is the exact text:

Buy an overpriced Boring Company fire extinguisher! You can definitely buy one for less elsewhere, but this one comes with a cool sticker and the button is conveniently riiight above.

Just in case there was any confusion as to whether the Boring Company considers its products to be good value for money or not, they are literally making fun of you before you even purchase the fire extinguisher.
While it’s hard to argue with the extraordinary results and innovations that Musk has been responsible for over the last decade, it now seems that he is just curious as to how people will react when he does things that don’t make sense.
Meanwhile, we will all (sadly) wait to see what the Boring Company will release next.