Ethical shopping has become more popular in recent years. For the uninitiated – and with more simplicity than it deserves – ethical shopping involves purchasing high-quality products that last a long time, and are sourced from businesses that don’t have factories that treat workers like modern day slaves. The goal is to reduce waste and eliminate fast fashion – low-cost, low-quality clothing. In theory, you spend more initially but save a tremendous amount in the long run and end up with better clothing.
Joymode is an ethical business, although it may not look like it to begin with. It sells experiences – not skydiving or white water rafting, but ways to make everyday life just a bit better. Founded by the former CEO of Klout, Joymode aims to make everyday life better and reduce waste. It does this by marketing experiences.
Want to have a pool party? Click on the link and you’ll be given a list of things you’ll need. It’ll be delivered to your door and picked up when you’re done.
Want to go camping? Don’t head to the outdoor store and buy a bunch of things that you will only use once – just click the link and get a tent, sleeping bags, cookware and chairs.
But if you think this is just a romantic notion encouraging people to have more experiences in their day-to-day lives, you’d be dead wrong. One of the most popular packages is the “essential cleaning kit,” and the most commonly requested items include vacuum cleaners and luggage. This is a way for people to solve a problem without having to cough up too much money.
Subscription services are becoming more popular across the board, and it’s likely that businesses like Joymode will find even more specific niches in the lives of people who want to own less and live more.
Also, if you are renting the weekend party package, grab the essential cleaning kit at the same time.