Devumi is a business that enables you to,
“Quickly gain followers, viewers, likes & more with our blend of marketing tactics.”
Following a scathing exposé from the New York Times, it has come to light that not all followers on Twitter are authentic. Now, most people on the planet already knew this to be the case, but that hasn’t stopped major media outlets pretending that they had no idea. A-list celebrities with millions of followers have been, “outed,” as having some fake followers and bots in their list of Twitter fans, and in a follow-up, the New York Times has pointed out that the number of fake followers has dropped significantly since its article.
No doubt there will be some who are surprised by the realisation that companies like Devumi exist to artificially boost social media followings, but most people who are active on the major platforms have been aware of this for a long time.
We knew that when our friend gained 50,000 followers overnight that it wasn’t because of her hilarious tweet about Donald Trump.
We noticed when our other friend’s supposed 25,000 followers never bothered to comment or like any of his posts.
In fact, this gave way to social media engagement metrics – percentages that demonstrate how engaged and/or authentic your audience actually is. For example, if you have one percent of your followers interacting on a regular basis, then you have 1% engagement and your followers either don’t care about you, or they don’t exist.
Devumi, the company at the centre of all this is now under investigation by New York’s attorney general, who has jumped on the bandwagon of people that simply didn’t understand that this was even a thing. The company itself has remained silent, and no mention of the scandal or article has graced the pages of its website.
With thousands of other businesses doing exactly what Devumi does, there will be both excitement and nervousness as the court of public opinion has yet to cast its verdict. Will this increase the popularity of fake followers, or is the day of the Twitter hacker over?