Many 5G networks will be rolled out around the world later this year, and while everyone is excited about the potential upsides, the nature of new technology and issues related specifically to 5G will mean that it may not be quite as amazing as we thought it would be. At least, not straight away.


Remember when 4G came out and if you were sitting in the central business district you could get coverage, but your phone reverted back to 3G as soon as you moved? Based on the costs of 5G technology, many pundits are suggesting that the coverage issues could be even worse.


We don’t have 5G phones yet. Nor do we have any technology that is capable of working on a network that doesn’t exist yet. None of the bugs have been worked out, and because 5G packs a sizeable punch, expect significant issues with overheating and battery life. Also, it’s not just devices that will need to be upgraded, with internal and external technologies needing to be adjusted to make the most of 5G’s extraordinary speed and power.


We have all had a month when we went over our allocated data allowance by more than just a little bit. The bill from our service provider was usually enough to make sure we never downloaded a movie when not attached to Wi-Fi again. Most mobile phone service providers have intentionally clumsy safeguards in place to make sure you don’t spend tens of thousands of dollars by accident. These include notifications that you have already gone over your allocation, and sometimes updates as to how much you already owe.
With 5G, due to its speed and power, you can expect to see a lot of angry people on Facebook talking about how their bills have skyrocketed since buying that new fancy 5G Apple iPhone.
At the moment, estimates are still sketchy, but it’s likely that downloading a movie to your mobile device over a 5G network will take about 15 seconds. Also, if you accidentally download something, it will already be on your device before you can do anything about it. Expect angry parents to berate kids for accidentally downloading a movie to the device, instead of just streaming it and for video download apps to be deleted from a record number of 5G mobile phones.
As always, new technology comes with sacrifice. 5G is not going to solve all our problems, but it will be an extraordinary technology once the kinks have been worked out. Perhaps you will consider delaying your upgrade until the second generation – the Nokia 8110 looks like a good option.