is increasing its efforts to become the blogging platform of choice for professional and amateur content creators alike, and they are pursuing this using a blunt force tactic; money.
For the last few months, Medium has been paying authors who choose to publish exclusively on their limited access platform a certain amount of money based on page views. This has (logically) led to an increase in the number of stories published, and the number of authors and aspiring writers putting their work on the platform. But now, Medium has decided to double down on the page content strategy as content creators get wise to websites that publish their work in exchange for publicity or social media shares.
Now, top Medium writers are being paid bonuses based on the quality of content they are coming up with. Bonus ranges have not been made clear by Medium, and indeed the policy has only become public knowledge due to writers thanking Medium publicly.
The strategy is disturbingly unique in the world of Tier1 publishing platforms. While Medium has sought to differentiate itself by focusing on content quality, and leaving things like advanced web design out of the offering, this proactive approach to engage with content publishers is powerful. Firstly, it has the obvious bonus of bringing in professionals who can move from their own website to medium with little issue, and be paid for the privilege. Additionally, it increases the perceived value of content overall. From a reader’s standpoint, needing to pay for premium copy in the form of a $10 monthly fee, means that a higher value will be placed on the content, it will be read in more depth and increased time on site can be expected. That has the potential to turn Medium into more than just a publishing hub, but a valuable and engaging newspaper for the digital age. The publication has made no secret of their prioritisation of categories – something that any good publication would want – and as a result, an ecosystem of opinion, information and fiction is being created.
The next year will be an interesting one for medium, and contributors will be hoping that as the popularity increases, so do the rewards.