News Startup ‘Knowhere’ has taken lessons from other news outlets and rather than trying to present the news and a “balanced” way, which usually means a combination of left and right wing leaning articles, has elected to allow machines to do the heavy lifting.
Knowhere, which has recently raised almost $2 million in funding, uses a combination of machine intelligence and traditional journalism to create articles that just tell the truth, without any emotional narrative. In other words, there is no opinion-based reference to previous circumstances or perspective on the implication of the story. The articles literally just state the facts, and nothing more. For example, if something has been reported by another outlet, the site will state that upfront as a statement of fact rather than hiding it in the article. Also, the articles themselves tend to be shorter, punchier and easier to read – due in no small part to the removal of journalistic word count targets and the habit of many news sites to commentate on the stories they are reporting. In fact, reading a Knowhere article is almost like stepping back in time to an age where the news was a statement of fact and nothing more. No mention of, “outraged protesters,” and no ridiculous click-bait headlines.
It’s a fascinating experiment and one that will no doubt strike a chord with a significant percentage of the population. Magnified by the controversy surrounding the Trump presidency, news outlets have been attacked for their political leanings, with readers getting frustrated at having to move from site to site to get a true picture of what is going on. In fact, it was this style of journalism that was – in part – responsible for the growth of the “fake news” phenomenon. Those who are seeking simple facts will now be able to get them. Perhaps artificial intelligence and machine learning is the future source for unbiased journalism.