Bose and Samsung are putting a significant amount of resource into what they consider to be a growth market – hearing aids. This is not because a larger percentage of the population is experiencing hearing loss, but that improvements are occurring at a fast enough rate to make traditional hearing improvement systems obsolete.
In exciting news for sufferers, new hearing aids will include enough technology to sink a ship. Firstly, the new devices will offer a form of augmented auditory technology that will not only magnify sound, but estimate gaps. For example, were someone to mumble or turn away from a traditional hearing aid, there would be a gap in speech. The new versions will estimate what the person was trying to say, using logic and machine learning.
But that’s not even the best part.
New technology will allow hearing aids to feature heavily in the Internet of Things (IoT). A user will be able to control smart appliances and products using only their hearing aid. Things like automatic doors opening, preset commands and personalised settings will be automatically activated when the user and their device come into range. When they get close to the car, it will be unlocked and the presets adjusted for their particular requirements without them having to do anything. Manual commands can also be activated through Bluetooth, and safety measures put in place – such as security checks before they arrive home and any movement in the house reported directly to the hearing aid.
But that’s not even the best part.
Most impressive, is the technology that will enable people with hearing issues to not only live a completely uninterrupted life but also benefit from the technology that has, in the past, been something of an affliction. New translation technology will allow the hearing aid to understand any language, and even in some instances suggest responses. Add to that built-in Google searches, and you have a genius who speaks every language on earth and can answer any question.
Brilliantly, this type of technology will be available to everyone, not only those suffering from hearing loss. It’s wonderful to see technology so well-designed, that everyone will want it.