iOS 12 has arrived, however, it is currently in Beta testing. Usually, testing is released by Apple to developers only, but in this case, they have elected to give the mainstream public the opportunity to get involved. This gives the business a far larger data pool from which to take information and make improvements before the product is officially launched.
Before you sign up for the testing, keep in mind that this is first stage beta only, and you shouldn’t download it unless you have a secondary device that you don’t use on a regular basis. To be fair, iOS 12 isn’t very glitchy, and many of the issues are minimal, but not all of the functionality is live yet, and there have been some reports of hardware freezing up as implementation bugs are worked out.
In the meantime, here is what to expect:
Better performance and ease of use. Apple went back to users and asked their biggest frustration with mobile devices. Battery life and speed were the two biggest issues, and both of these have been solved and the new release. Apps will open faster, the keyboard will appear more quickly and everything will happen more efficiently. Batteries will last longer also, especially in older devices where efficiency protocols have been introduced to ensure exponential improvement.
Apple has also updated a few of its apps that really needed it – Stocks, Voice Memos and Apple Books are all much better now. The addition of the Screen Time measurement tool and improvements to several developer apps means that there is something for everyone.
Perhaps most important however is the addition of group calling for FaceTime. This means that users can – for the first time – stop using Skype and rely entirely on Apple for every form of communication, including the lucrative business traffic that will likely start to flow more readily.
iOS 12 is good; well-designed, and carefully thought out to appeal directly to users on a daily basis. Once testing is complete, we will all get our hands on it and then the real test will start.