In what could be seen as going back to its roots, reports out of Apple say that the business will be focusing on dominating the lucrative high-end audio market. This will involve both an upgrade of existing products and entirely new product lines that will compliment the core offering.

AirPods…but better.

Apple’s new generation of AirPods will have a greater range, and a noise cancelling feature, reports say. They will also be entirely waterproof, to the point where they can be used underwater, with the practicalities of this yet to be ironed out.
The following generation of AirPods will likely come with biometric measurement tools built in. This means that you can go for a run and log your details with the Apple Health app through the headphones, complimenting existing measurement tools.

Beats to Become a Core Product

Apple bought the hugely successful Beats headphone business a few years ago and it has benefited both businesses. The brands are highly compatible and as a result, sales have increased steadily. This foray into high-end audio will likely mean a makeover of the Beats product to make it a core Apple offering, possibly incorporating the Apple branding also.

HomePod with More

The HomePod will likely get a significant upgrade in both sound quality and functionality. The home speaker market is now incredibly competitive and Apple will need to re-find its niche in order to create new opportunities for additional market share. This will also mean a massive series of upgrades to Siri, likely along the lines of the audio niche also.


Speaking of Siri, she has taken a lot of heat for failing to compete with Alexa and Google Assistant, and recent improvements to both competitive offerings have done little draw any hearts and minds back to Apple. Siri is undergoing some fairly drastic changes, but these are likely to be just the start of a complete overhaul for Siri, and many functionality expansions to keep her in the virtual assistant contest.