The last few years have not been kind to Snapchat. Between well-intentioned strategic disasters, management issues and a slump in active users (the metric used to determine the momentum of a social media platform) Snapchat is due for a win.
And it may have found one, thanks to a partnership with Amazon.
Here’s how it works: you are walking down the street and see a jacket that you think is terrific. You take a quick picture, and the Snapchat system will link with Amazon, searching for images on the platform and attempting to identify the product. If found, you are sent to an Amazon page where you can purchase the product instantly, or save it for later. This works for clothing, books, electronic devices…whatever Amazon sells, which is pretty much everything these days.
But this is more than just a smart idea. The issues already listed have been at least partially as a result of the Snapchat platform stagnating due to competitors coming into the market, changes in user behaviour and numerous other circumstances, outside of anyone’s control. Snapchat attempted to adjust by bringing in hardware options, but the numbers were far from inspiring (in saying that, an extensive inventory of Snapchat glasses still exists, and they are still being purchased, so you never know). This move can be seen as a step towards Snapchat moving its core strategy. Rather than being a social media platform designed for younger users, Snapchat can act as a middleman for larger enterprises. Not only would this be a win-win scenario between two businesses, but also potentially incredibly lucrative for Snapchat. If they can solidify themselves as a product based search engine for consumers, and achieve significant market uptake, suppliers around the world will be cramming to get involved.
Funnily enough, Snapchat, which has seemed to have been in the wrong place at the wrong time for years now, maybe on the precipice of something fantastic.