If you’ve started thinking of Apple events as “less than inspiring,” then you are not alone. The good news is, apparently Apple has been paying attention and will be releasing a whole series of new products and upgrades at its Fall event.
Analyst and Apple expert Ming-Chi Kuo, regarded in the industry is one of the most connected Apple analysts on the planet, has told Mac 9to5 that fans of the good old days, when events meant a whole list of new products, are in for a treat.
Kuo has said that well thought out enhancements and upgrades will take centre stage, along with more options for budget-conscious consumers. Only last week, Microsoft announced that their new Surface Pro would be called a Surface Go, with a smaller processor and smaller screen, targeted at students and non-professional users. The new iPad will reportedly be 11 inches but will come with numerous features that its predecessors didn’t possess. In many ways, it will be a smaller version of the current iPad Pro, with less power, but with built-in Face ID.
Three new iPhones of various sizes will also be released, although we are short on detail with regards to their expanded functionality. It is a good sign though that Apple is broadening the iPhone range, obviously appreciating that people want more than just a single new release every couple of years.
The significant improvement may be in the Mac and MacBook ranges. Faster processors, significant performance enhancements and a focus on screen performance are all on the cards. There are also rumours of a new Mac Mini and a new entry-level MacBook which may be separate from the mainstream range.
The Apple Watch will get a bigger display, which is old news really, but there will be two size options. Additionally, the heart rate monitor will be improved to make the Apple Watch a one-stop shop for health and fitness.
The iPad Pro will also get a facelift, with the home button being removed and facial recognition technology built in. It is also likely that there will be some significant internal upgrades to separate the Pro from other iPads.
Finally, AirPods will be improved, with speculation being that Siri enhancements and aesthetic updates are on the cards.
All of this is very exciting, although it should be noted that at this stage all of this is pure conjecture. However, Kuo it is almost always right, and it makes sense that Apple would react with tenacity following yet another solid Microsoft launch.