Grabb-It is a startup out of Y-Combinator. Like many media businesses, it acts as a middleman between physical assets and advertisers. It leverages traditional forums such as billboards to create highly relevant and specific ads.
That’s not very hyper-targeted.
The thing Grabb-It does very differently has more to do with its partnerships with rideshare companies. Basically, if you drive for Uber or Lyft, you can have a projector setup in your rear passenger windows and broadcast ads that give you another stream of income.
But even that is not very hyper-targeted.
So, the image on the window of the car (which, by the way, can be seen clearly during the day as well as at night) will change depending on the location of the rideshare vehicle. For example, if the car is going through an area that has been deemed to be a regular haunt for prospects of a particular client, that client’s advertisement will be shown. As the car continues down the road, a local restaurant may appear, or a new bar…all of them relevant – at least from a location perspective – for the audience outside the vehicle.
But how does this work for Grabb-It, and is the business model viable enough? To take it one step further, does the cost of the projector and material which sticks to the window, including potential damage, make it a business model that circumvents risk? Apparently, some investors think so, with more than $100,000 already being raised outside of Y-Combinator, and additional interest from potential second stage contributors. Although, to temper any excitement, anything out of Y-Combinator is bound to get a certain amount of attention.
Whether it’s this product or something else, there can be little doubt that digital assets, targeted at specific locations and attached to mobile billboards are inevitable. It will be interesting to see, with 5G technology just around the corner, what impact technologies like this have on the design of autonomous vehicles. Will we be driving around in mobile advertisements? Will our future vehicles be subsidised by corporations? Will all humans eventually become mobile billboards?
Stay tuned for more.