Disney has been teasing for months about the structure and nature of its new streaming service.
Will the entire Disney catalogue be available online?
Will the pricing be reasonable?
Will there be original content?
At least some of these questions have now been answered thanks to Disney CEO Bob Iger speaking out in an interview with Variety.
Here’s what we know:

You’ll Have To Wait a While
Although Igor has said that the new (yet to be named) service will be a priority for Disney in 2019, it won’t be officially launched until late next year. That will be a relief for Netflix, who see a Disney streaming service as a dangerous threat to market share.
There Will Be Loads of New Content
New productions are already underway, including an animated Star Wars spinoff which will be an extension of the Clone Wars franchise, along with High School Musical and Monsters Inc spin-offs.
The Price Will be Competitive
And has the potential to spark a pricing war. Igor said that the new pricing structure will be less expensive than Netflix. Of course, the importance of this depends upon whether the new offering will include all Disney products upfront, or if there will be a staggered and gradual approach.
One thing everyone, including Variety, agrees on is that Disney is a long way behind. With such an extraordinary catalogue of content, the company should have launched a streaming service a long time ago. Now, with multiple players in the market, the pathway to market penetration will be just a little bit harder. In saying that, literally millions of people are eagerly awaiting a Disney offering and will quickly pick up whatever they are offered.
The new service has the potential to challenge Netflix for market domination. The critical difference will remain content, and Netflix will no doubt be concentrating heavily on its original content offering over the next 18 months.