Microsoft is now all about innovation. Previously known as the dinosaur of the tech world, the last few years have seen the house that Bill Gates built become a hub for new ideas, creative design and inclusive changes. At Ignite this year, all three of these were on display.

Slack Should be Nervous

Microsoft Teams, the supposed Slack killer, that hasn’t managed to do anything to make people question Slack’s dominance in the instant communication sector, just got a big upgrade. Listening to overall frustrations from customers, rather than those that are only specific to instant messaging, Teams now blurs into the background when a video call begins, and will create a transcript of the call if required. This removes the need for notes, scribes, and all the other things that take up time and reduce efficiency. Other innovations on the back of this are to be expected, but it’s a great start.

Salesforce Should be Nervous

The undeniable leader in the CRM space, Salesforce, has three of the biggest names in technology declaring open war on it. Adobe and SAP, along with Microsoft have announced they will team up to allow data to flow more easily between the three entities. With recent acquisitions – obviously with this in mind – a more complete offering is being touted. 

Now, Windows Desktops Can be Cloud Based

In a very clever move, Windows desktops, including apps and files and…well, everything, will be available in the cloud. This has come about due to the number of employees that need access to their desktop and don’t have a laptop or portable device that can be easily synced due to the nature of work, restrictions of size or the sheer amount of information required.

Microsoft is now an incubator for innovation and is eager to maintain it’s position. With more partnerships there is likely to be more opportunities as every stage of the technology lifecycle, both for the business and it’s customers.