The opportunity to leverage employee networks has been one that businesses have tried – and mostly failed – to capitalise on for years. The advent of mainstream social media has meant that the various channels have become more than just lists of people, but productive ecosystems, where communication is a two-way street and reaction is immediate.
Teamable, rather than relying on employees sharing information about the company with their high-value contacts, both leverage and gamify the entire process.
Employees join Teamable in their company’s portal by signing in with their social networks. From this, a pool of potential contacts is created, which can be accessed by in-house recruiters. When a potential role becomes available, the recruiter can then reach out to the employee, asking them to contact their friend or acquaintance. From here, a pre-approved message can be forwarded and the entire interaction logged in the Teamable system.
If this sounds a bit intrusive, two steps in the process make sure everyone is comfortable. Firstly, Teachable, and therefore employee referrals, become central to employee onboarding and the recruitment process. Managers explain that the ethos of the business is one of bringing like-minded people together, organically growing the business and not relying on external providers to help create the company culture.
The second equally important step is the gamification of hires. Once a new employee joins, the person responsible for the contact gets points and is placed on a scoreboard with everyone else in the company. Far beyond being about winning a prize or becoming the best referrer, this makes employees excited about referrals. When a recruiter reaches out to them to take a couple of minutes to speak to a potential hire, it’s a positive thing, rather than a chore.
Teachable is a well thought out program that takes employee motivations and the psychology of the hiring process into account. It may appear clumsy at first glance, but dig a little deeper and you’ll see a product that provides more solutions than most.