Influencer marketing business Mavrck has raised an additional $5.8mUSD in funding, showing a vote of confidence in the startup and the influencer ecosystem as a whole.
In late 2017, it was said that the age of the ‘casual influencer’ was over. With online platforms becoming more sophisticated and consumers more aware of what was a sales pitch and what wasn’t, surely, experts said, genuine influencers with mainstream credibility would overtake ‘wannabes.’
But, influencers adapted.
Lifestyle, fitness and health influencers led the way and others followed. Higher quality content, competing with the quality of advertising agencies followed and it didn’t take long until a new generation of commercially astute influencers were taking the reigns and companies were allocating marketing funds to a series of influencer campaigns.
Mavrck pitches itself as the complete platform for the sophisticated business, scientifically growing their influencer marketing and measuring the impact of different types of influencers, gauging the impact that different content has on various demographics and eventually drilling down to what types of influencers should be focused on to achieve results. Not unlike machine-learning based programmatic platforms do for major corporates. And like those platforms, Mavrck is being used by major corporates at an enterprise level, as compared to smaller, content-focused applications.
While mainstream celebrities will always hold more sway that ‘created’ influencers, it seems that all influencers have one thing in common – they are focused. It may be health, wealth or luxury goods, but they all have something that they focus on, an area that they work hard to build a reputation within. This is where Mavrck has found it’s sweet spot – finding out which influencers within a particular segment can have the most impact, beyond the traditional metrics of likes and shares.
The age of the influencer is far from over, and it seems that it is becoming more than just a place for people to become a bit famous.