A poster that uses smart ink to show you the weather in an easy to understand format has the potential to change the way we see wall furnishings. Here’s how it works – you hang the “Typified Weather Poster” on the wall, plug it in and the ink reacts to a small computer, working on wifi, mounted on the back. Think of it as an analogue display – it’s not a screen and it can’t do anything else other than tell you the weather in a predetermined format.

And that is the beauty of it.

It acts like any other static image on the wall, in the sense that it cannot be changed – there are no settings. And this has the potential to make smart ink the new medium for artists seeking a crossover between digital mastery and the simplicity of traditional artworks. Simple movement creates more than functionality in the form of telling the time or showing the weather; it can change a landscape from day to night, turn lights on and off in buildings, or make people appear happy or sad. Seasons can move in line with the real seasons, and of course, weather can imitate the current climate outside. The applications are virtually limitless, and it won’t be long until artists, smart home businesses and others pick up on it.

In the meantime, this seemingly simple poster has struck a chord. Global technology blogs have picked it up, and it seems that the concept will stretch to more applications in the near future.

Most importantly, it’s not a theoretical concept – this is proven and workable. By leveraging existing weather infrastructure and tapping into a simple chemical reaction, the humble hang-on-the-wall poster has become a living, breathing work of art that will have adults moving from complex art to basic wall hangings all over again.